Highs and lows

The highs and lows of sport. Just a few weeks ago I was celebrating selection for the elite GB team for the European Long Distance Duathlon Championships and was buzzing after a great result at the British Elite Duathlon Champs. However, today was not so good. I was trying to defend my title at the Storm the Castle Duathlon in Ludlow but my legs were wrecked and I sat up on the bike leg. I sort of new it would be like that having just got back from a massive 6 days of training in Majorca but you always hope to be OK. I could have finished but with my big race in four weeks time in Germany I thought better of completely mashing myself on the bike and then even more on the hilly final run leg. Whilst remaining pragmatic and philosophical – knowing I had done the right thing – it was still very disappointing standing to the side watching the prize giving and seeing the guys standing on the podium like I did last year. It made me realise how important it is to soak it up whenever you run a PB, win an event or simply put in a great performance that you’re proud of. As endurance athletes we are always working out how to improve and are immediately thinking about the next race and how we can get better, often as soon as we cross the finish line, if not before! Sometimes, when it goes well, we’ve just got to sit back and enjoy the moment.

Transition with Ludlow Castle above

After a mile or so the legs weren’t feeling great and the writing was on the wall. The very hilly run leg (10k) didn’t help!


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