DB Max Chilly Duathlon – serious organisation!

It was great to get back to racing on Sunday after 4 months off through shin splints (tibialis anterior tendinitis to be exact). Arriving at Castle Combe to see hundreds of people running the Chilly 10K event – an event taking place before the Chilly Duathlon – in such atrocious conditions was inspiring and the excited, endorphin fuelled conversation at registration was great to be a part of again. Overhearing peoples’ concerns about clothing, fuel, pacing and so on is always reassuring! DB Max put on such great events too. I’ve never seen so many laptops and computer screens in registration and by the finish line for the competitors. It was like Houston’s Mission Control! In fact, I was half was expecting to see a rocket launching itself from the field of solar panels in the middle of the circuit. What all the technology actually provides is immediate print outs of all your splits and the results are immediately online to peruse on your drive home. It really is an impressive set up and makes the event that bit more enjoyable: everyone from the novices to the elites love to analyse their times: and the sooner after the race the better! All the marshals were also very friendly, led by the ever happy Will Whitmore and there are also a decent number of flags and inflatable gantries to add more significance to the race. The weather was certainly unpleasant: 40mph winds and driving rain, but judging by the number of smiling faces at the finish a lot of fun was had. Thank you, DB Max!

Serious hardware and great organisation at race HQ!


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