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Team Kinetic-One, by design, embodies everything we are about.

At the most fundamental level Team K1 is the Research and Development test bed for our Affordable class leading “Kinetic-One” wheels,   Our elite and international athletes test our equipment and our knowledge every day. It’s the ongoing feedback they give us that completes the development loop … driving us on to produce ever faster and more responsive products –  that we are excited to offer to our customers. SEE LATEST TEAM TEST OF OUR NEW K1-80C Carbon wheels

And, Team Kinetic-One is about more than equipment alone. The team represents our values and encapsulates our aspirations and those of our sponsors and supporters. We are determined that the team becomes a beacon that can show what ordinary people can achieve through hard work and through learning about themselves: Perhaps this is best exemplified by one of our team athletes earliest blog posts


To make the team you have to be talented. That goes without saying…. However, talent alone is not enough to make the team.

All our athletes train hard, work together and love their sport. Moreover most of them hold down full time jobs and have families and much like us lesser mortals have to juggle racing and training with everyday life commitments.

They are real people. We have no prima-donnas. We also only take on athletes who will positively embrace their role as ambassadors for their sport. They are expected to work with us to help riders of all abilities to reach their potential – this is done through training seminars, presentations and through more general methods such as making themselves available at races to talk to less experienced athletes about how to maximise their potential.

The Team also enables us to keep our performance bike-fitting knowledge fully updated. Our team athletes performance numbers always teach us a lot. As do the connections they have with other bodies such as University Sport Science departments and expert Physio’s and Nutritionists to name a few.

Finally, Team Kinetic-One is about Kinetic-One as a company putting something very tangible back into the sport we love. Amateur triathletes (even world champs!) get no state support and have to pay for everything – even national team tri suits, and travel and accommodation costs for events as well as things like physio.

We want to do something to support and recognise the commitment and sacrifices that these men and women make every day. Team Kinetic-One is that something!

Andy Morgan


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